Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Water Damage in Atlanta?

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Water damage in Atlanta is something that no homeowner likes to deal with, but it is something that many homeowners will have to deal with at some point. Water damage will strike when it is least convenient for you, whether it is caused by a broken pipe, a damaged appliance, or even nature in the form of rain pouring through a ceiling or the rising waters of a flood.

You might be thinking how much such an occasion might cost. “Does homeowner’s insurance cover water damage?” is the question you should be asking yourself instead. Southeast Water Restoration of Atlanta can assist you in answering that crucial question today.

Is Water Damage Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

You can further split down the subject of whether your homeowner’s insurance covers water damage into two more crucial questions.

By broadening your search, you can not only learn more about the scenario, but also better assess your options for moving forward with the cleanup.

One Aspect is Was The Water Damage Sudden?

If the damage was abrupt and unavoidable, the chances of being covered by your homeowner’s insurance are good. Water damage caused by neglecting to maintain adequate upkeep of your house with routine maintenance, such as obsolete or worn down plumbing, is unlikely to be covered.

Was The Water Damage Flood or Backup Related?

You might be surprised to hear that water damage caused by flooding or backup from outside sources is not covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Most basic homeowner insurance policies exclude this, and flood damage may not be covered at all depending on where you reside.

These are usually offered as stand-alone policies in addition to your homeowner’s insurance. If you don’t have flood insurance, for example, you could be left flooded and paying out of cash if the water damage is caused by a flood and you don’t have that coverage.

Want a Property Inspection?

If you’d like a property inspection, contact Southeast Water Restoration. Our thorough inspection procedure starts with an initial damage assessment, during which our professionals examine the extent of the damage to decide the best course of action, as well as any safety concerns or risks, such as asbestos or lead, that may be present. If the source of water hasn’t been turned off yet, it should be done as quickly as feasible. We’ll check for contaminants and classify the water into one of three categories once the water has been turned off.

The level of water damage indicated by the category level. This decision is critical since the category has an impact on the water damage restoration process and ensures that the cleanup is completed according to industry standards and specifications. Finally, to prevent rust or furniture stains on the carpet, we’ll move and block furniture.

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