How to Protect Hardwood Floors from Water Damage

Do you realize that you have approximately 24 to 48 hours to dry your hardwood floors once they’ve been in contact with water? Although this can help to prevent mold, it won’t prevent floors from warping or any other issues.

The best way to guard your floors against water-related damage is to perform consistent maintenance for your hardwood floors and to concentrate on stopping damage. Find ways to maintain your flooring and make your home look its best.

Use Waterproof Coating

The most effective way to take care of flooring care for hardwood floors is to apply a waterproof coating put on during the installation. The proper coating can protect floors from damage caused by water by preventing the absorption of water through the fibers of the wood.

Control Outdoor Humidity

The humidity of hardwood floors can make maintenance difficult. However, an absence of humidity can be an issue too. Finding the right middle ground between these two is important to keep your home cool.

It is recommended to use humidifiers in dry climates or during dry periods to avoid shrinkage. If you reside in a humid climate or are experiencing dry seasons, you should consider using a dehumidifier to avoid mold growth and warping due to excessive humidity.

Respond to Spills Quickly

Even minor spills can cause issues with flooring materials such as wood. The longer a spill lingers on your floor, the more the chance it gets into the floor. Clean up the spill and open a window to allow the best drying.

Maintain Regularly

If you’re looking to shield your floors from damage caused by water, it is essential to keep the maintenance of your hardwood floors up to date. Well-maintained floors are less susceptible to wear and tear and won’t wear faster.

  • Keep it Clean

Set up a routine to clean your floors if you are prone to neglecting the care of your hardwood floors. Consider sweeping or vacuuming your floor every day to avoid scratches caused by dust and other debris. Try mopping at least every two months or as often as you need.

  • Use the Best Products

Be sure to have the correct items for cleaning your floors before beginning. Cleaners can be used for hardwood floors or mild detergent. Also, make sure to use a damp mop instead of a moist one to reduce the moisture.

  • Refinish and Seal as Required

Even the finest flooring finish and sealant must be retouched to avoid damage from water. It can be done as required or every 5-10 years, depending on how much use your floors receive.

Handling Water Damage

If it’s not too late to prevent the damage and you’re still contemplating how to manage the current flooding, you should consider consulting with an expert. The proper tools and methods are crucial if your property is already damaged by water.

Our team has everything you need to decide on the most effective option and begin floor cleaning. They also can assist in stopping future problems like developing mold growth and identifying areas of high humidity.

Keep Your Home at Best

Maintenance of hardwood floors is among the top tools to keep floors safe in your home. Floor care for hardwood flooring begins with the installation process and will continue throughout the time you own them to avoid water damage.

If you’re suffering from water damage or wish to know more about how you can prevent it, contact us immediately. We provide the best water damage restoration in Atlanta.