The Most Common Storm Damage Repairs in Atlanta

Water Damage Restoration Atlanta

After experiencing one of these dangerous and frightening severe storms, it is crucial to put your safety first.

You need to determine whether your building has sustained any structural damage and whether there are any potential concerns if a significant storm just hit your neighborhood. You might have to leave the house temporarily until a home repair expert certifies that it is secure once more.

Contact our restoration experts right away if you need the best storm damage repair in Atlanta, GA has to offer. We have worked with a variety of emergency restoration situations, including storm damage repair, mold remediation, water damage restoration, and water removal in Atlanta, GA.

If you live in Atlanta, Georgia, and discover that you require storm damage repairs, mold removal, water removal, or other comparable services, get in touch with our staff right once. We would be happy to assist with water damage restoration in Atlanta, GA for cleanup, mold remediation and much more.

Damage from the winter storm might cause serious issues in Atlanta, Georgia

One of the most prevalent storm damages in the US is winter storm damage. Winter storms can be destructive due to snow, ice storms, and freezing rain.

You’ll see lake effect storms, blizzards, and snow squalls at this season, which can harm some components of your property, particularly the roof. Winter storms can also cause ice dams, which can trap water on your roof and coat it with an ice sheet.

Storms also harm your roof’s shingles and outside pipes. Winter storms’ strong winds can also cause shingles to come loose and harm power wires.

5 Common Storm Damage Repairs to Expect After a Storm

Following a hurricane or winter storm, there are five different forms of storm damage to watch out for:

Roofing Issue

You can notice roof leaks following a hurricane or a very bad storm. There might be water dripping directly into your house, flowing down the wall in watermarks, or spots on the ceiling. Other obvious indications of water damage include missing shingles and debris on your roof. You might need to contact a professional to evaluate your roof and look for evidence of storm damage because sometimes water damage is not always visible, and you might not be able to detect the signs by simply looking at your walls.

Water Line Damage or Plumbing Leaks

Among the most frequent storm-related problems are leaks in the plumbing and damage to water lines. After a storm, if you discover some plumbing leaks, your best course of action is to immediately turn off your water supply, attempt to mop up any flooding on your floor, and contact a professional to assess the extent of the damage.

Defective Power Lines

Tree limbs frequently fall on electrical wires during severe storms, cutting off the energy. Winter is when this kind of injury occurs most frequently. In situations like this, having a backup power generator is typically vital to ensure that your home maintains a comfortable temperature and that pipes don’t freeze. An expert inspection of the plumbing damage caused by frozen pipes is required.

Damage to Your Windows, Doors, and Interior of Your Home

The doors, windows, or even the walls of your building could occasionally sustain damage if a tree limb or perhaps an entire tree were to fall on them during a strong storm. Finding a means to cover the damaged area of the house to protect it from the weather until you can get an expert to look at it and remedy the damage is a temporary solution to this type of damage.

Broken Shingles

After a severe storm passes through your neighborhood, missing shingles are a relatively regular occurrence. Finding a technique to temporarily fix the roof is the best course of action if your shingles disappear after a storm to prevent further internal water damage. Then get a pro to go over the damage and identify a better long-lasting fix.

What to do after a storm has occurred?

Most types of storm damage are covered by home and business insurance policies. However, before issuing a claim to cover your damages, the insurance companies will typically take into account your premiums and deductibles, the type of damage suffered, the worth of your property, its age, and its structure, among other variables.

Take numerous photos of all home damage to adequately document it for your insurance claims. Keep the receipts if you pay out-of-pocket for repairs because you’ll need them for your tax return. Finally, as you deal with your insurance provider, get in touch with a business that specializes in storm damage restoration.

For any of your urgent service requirements, get in touch with Southeast Water Restoration immediately. We’d be happy to evaluate the damage, get rid of the mold, and restore your property and business to excellent shape.

Storm Damage Restoration in Atlanta, GA is a necessity to keep your family safe

When you face storm damage in the North Georgia region, you must act quickly. Our crew is available to you and your company whether you need services for water damage restoration in Atlanta, water damage cleanup, or general damage restoration.

We are aware that after a fire or other disaster, emergency services are crucial in Atlanta, Georgia. Because of this, we strive to restore your property as soon as we can after receiving your call in Atlanta, Georgia.

We provide our enticing service alternatives to ensure that your restoration job in the GA area is completed properly since we understand that you want to restore your house or business to its pre-loss condition.

Request a price or find out more about the procedure and how we can help you in the GA region recover your property as soon as possible. Talk to one of your emergency repair experts right away if you want extensive assistance.

Southeast Water Restorations’ staff will assist you with cleaning, mold remediation, water damage restoration, and property restoration in Atlanta, GA all surrounding areas.

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