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Water Damage in Alpharetta GA

Water damage can cause a lot of stress, disrupt your home or family life, and prevent you from doing important things. With the many restoration companies in Alpharetta, it's difficult to determine which company to choose.

It is recommended that you pick someone knowledgeable in this area. A person you can trust for full water damage restoration services in Alpharetta. Someone who can bring your property to its pre-loss state in a short time and within the budget you have set.

With more than ten years' expertise with the best in the area, Southeast Water Restoration has developed a unique way to provide water restoration services within Alpharetta GA. 

Water Damage Alpharetta

In contrast to other Alpharetta restoration firms that offer services such as asbestos clean-up and fire and smoke damage restoration, meth cleanup, or cleaning and restoration of crime scenes, Southeast Water Restoration specializes solely in water-related issues like water damage repair, mold remediation, pumping septic tanks, as well as the restoration of storm damages.

With our years of experience in water and flood damage restoration, Southeast Water Restoration can concentrate its efforts on this area and invest in equipment and instruction, including top-of-the-line air-movers and dehumidifiers. Concentrating on a small field also yields a lot of expertise and knowledge.

Fast & Reliable Water Restoration

Our Alpharetta Water Damage Restoration Process


Inspection and Assessment

Our Alpharetta restoration experts specializing in water damage come to your property for a thorough analysis. They'll make use of the latest technology, like hygrometers as well as moisture detectors, to calculate the number of repairs needed for water-related damage may require. They'll determine the exact extent of the damage and then classify it.

Inspections for water damage repair will determine the origin of the water to ensure that the water hasn't changed its course and assess the degree of contamination present in the water. The inspector will also inspect to ensure that water infiltration has stopped and assess how much water in your home or business is polluted.


Water Removal

The next step in the restoration procedure is to use water extraction to rid the home of any standing water. The water left behind could be detrimental to your house in Alpharetta, cause further damage, and should be removed within the shortest amount of time. It is vital to get rid of the water in the event of a flood-prone basement, as stagnant water inside the basement may

cause severe mold growth.

Once the standing water has been drained, further inspections may be performed to determine the remaining moisture level and whether carpet or hardwood flooring is required to be removed.


Drying and Dehumidifying

After the water has been removed from the house, our Alpharetta water damage restoration team begins drying and dehumidifying. Our services include dehumidifiers of high-quality and air movers that take out the water-soaked materials or are difficult to reach when extraction.

In this stage of water remediation, experts track the moisture levels on the walls and floors within the affected areas to determine if the house is dry. Thus, professional cleanup can begin.


Cleaning and Sanitizing

Professional, thorough restoration and water damage cleanup are essential to any home improvement endeavor. When doing so, our Alpharetta restoration company work to ensure that you are protected on your property to the greatest extent possible.

Certified technicians are outfitted with specific Specialized Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to cleanse potentially

hazardous substances, like N-96 respirators, gloves for protection, and waterproof clothing.

In this stage, experts remove any damaged materials during the cleaning process.


Complete Restoration

The final step of our restoration process following water damage is restoration. Restoration will restore your home in Alpharetta back to how it was before the damage was caused. Any materials that are damaged permanently or removed can be fixed or replaced. Restoration projects can be simple or more complex based on damage.

Restoration could require simple repairs. Examples include repairs to water heaters and drywall or carpet maintenance. In

other situations, restoration work is more extensive and requires the complete reconstruction of the whole construction of the house.

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The Benefits of Employing

Southeast Water Restoration

Professionals with Accreditation

Our highly trained and IICRC certified water and mold Alpharetta experts respond quickly to floods in your commercial or residential property by removing any excess water, decreasing the extent of the damage.

Moisture Mapping

Our Alpharetta specialists in the field of water damage can locate and track the causes of water damage, such as water leaks in the roof, by employing specially-designed equipment to locate areas of high humidity. They also identify the root of the issue with mold in walls.

Removal and Repairs

Our team not only removes the water but also stops the damage from recurring and damaging your property in Alpharetta. Southeast Water Restoration is a licensed restoration and contractor. We can be your main source for any queries regarding water damage.

Drying and Dehumidifying

We utilize high-quality equipment for drying damaged areas in Alpharetta. We employ equipment that regulates temperature and humidity to remove moisture from affected areas and prevent mold growth.

Mold Remediation and Removal

Our highly-trained Alpharetta mold remediation specialists will be at the site immediately to eliminate the mold from the areas infected by flooding. Don't hesitate to immediately talk to our experts about the mold damage problem.

Containment to Prevent Contamination

Experts of Southeast Water Restoration use a method to contain the mold before any remediation process, which could contaminate different areas of your home in Alpharetta.

Family Owned and Operated Water Damage Alpharetta Company

Southeast Water Restoration

We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee because we are a well-established, family-owned company. Our customers are happy with our services and do not leave your home with smiles on their faces. Southeast Water Restoration emerges from other restoration companies because we take pride in reliability, price, and quality you can count on! We can also accommodate you with your insurance company.

We are proud to be the most reputable restoration company for water damages in Alpharetta GA and always go above and beyond expectations. We provide eco-friendly products that are safe for both children and pets.


What People Say

Water Damage FAQs

Is my home's water damage going to be covered by my insurance?

Many homeowner insurance policies include some degree of coverage in the event of water damage, but you'll need to check with your agent for specifics. When dealing with insurance, the cause of the water damage is crucial. Some weather-related flooding necessitates special insurance, which can be obtained through the National Flood Insurance Program.

What should I do if my home sustains water damage?

It's only natural to want to respond quickly when a water disaster strikes in your house or business. Before we arrive, there are certain preliminary actions you can do, but only attempt what you can safely do.

  • If at all possible, turn off the water supply. We'll investigate and handle the matter as soon as we arrive if you're not sure where the water is coming from.
  • Using a mop, a blotter, or a towel, remove any excess water. This could include any flooring or hard surface furniture that has been exposed to standing water. It is not a good idea to use your household vacuum to remove water since it could harm the vacuum or be dangerous.
  • Prevent future damage to your carpet, rugs, curtains, and upholstered furniture. Place aluminum foil or parchment paper between the wet carpet or rugs and the furniture. Books, magazines, and other colored materials should be removed from carpets and rugs. To avoid contact with wet floors, hang draperies on covered hangers. Remove wet upholstered objects' pillows or cushions.
  • DO NOT use electric or electrical devices that have been exposed to water. Light fixtures, ceiling fans, televisions, and appliances are examples of such products. Consider cutting off the power to individual circuits within the property's power distribution panel if there is a chance that someone else on the property will turn on an electric item that has come into contact with water.
How long does it take for water damage to dry?

The time it takes to dry out a structure depends on the degree of the water damage and the type of construction, but it usually takes 3–5 days. However, this varies widely depending on the extent of the damage, the number of contents damaged, any demolition required, and the presence of any hazardous chemicals.

Returning a home or business to its pre-loss moisture levels is a carefully regulated process, with our experts making equipment modifications to ensure the area recovers as soon and safely as possible.

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