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Water Damage in Macon GA

Damage from water can make your life difficult, disrupt your household or your family, and keep you from the things that matter the most. With the number of water restoration firms to choose from, it can be hard to decide who to work with. 

It would be best if you choose someone with expertise in this field. Someone you can count on for a full-service water damage restoration service in middle Georgia. Someone who can restore your home to pre-loss condition in a short time and within your budget.

With over ten years of experience in water damage restoration Macon GA, Southeast Water Restoration has developed unique methods to provide the best results.

Water Damage Restoration Macon GA

Unlike other restoration companies that provide services like asbestos clean-up, flooding fire damage restoration, meth clean-up, or cleaning up crime scenes, Southeast Water Restoration specializes only in water-related problems such as water damage cleanup, mold remediation, and septic tank pumping, and storm damage restoration.

With its expertise in water restoration, Southeast Water Restoration can focus its resources on this area and invest in specific equipment and education, including high-end Air-movers and dehumidifiers. This focus on a narrow area also results in abundant experience and know-how in this field.

Fast & Reliable Water Restoration

Local Macon Water Damage Restoration Process


Inspection and Assessment

Our restoration experts for water damage will visit your residential and commercial properties for a comprehensive evaluation. They'll employ advanced technology, including hygrometers and moisture detectors, to estimate the number of repairs to the water damage that will be required. They will identify the exact location of the damage and then categorize it.

Inspectors for water damage repair will identify the source of the water to make sure that the water has not retreated and determine the level of contamination in the water. The inspector will also examine to ensure that the intrusion of water has been stopped and then examine the extent to which the water inside your home is contaminated.


Water Removal

The next step in this restoration process is using water extraction to get rid of standing water. The standing water could remain damaging to your home and cause further destruction, and it should be eliminated in the shortest time feasible. Removing water is crucial when you have a flooding basement since stagnant water within the basement can lead to severe mold development.

Companies that deal with water restoration use extractors to eliminate water during extraction. These powerful vacuums and pumps are specifically designed to absorb any surface and standing water and then remove it from your home in a short time.

After the standing water has been removed, additional inspections might be conducted to determine the moisture levels remaining and if hardwood or carpet flooring needs to be removed.


Drying and Dehumidifying

Once the water has been removed from the home, restoration companies start drying and dehumidifying. Our Services include high-quality dehumidifiers and air movers that remove the materials that contain water or were difficult to access during extraction.

At this point, your home might appear dry, but certain items may be damp to the surface. They could be breaking, warping, or growing mold could be damaged further when left unattended. Restoration contractors can stop this by thoroughly drying and dehumidifying the affected region.

In this water remediation phase, experts track the moisture levels on the floors and walls within the affected zones to determine when the home is dry. Hence, professional cleanup can commence.


Cleaning and Sanitizing

Professional, thorough restoration and water damage cleaning is essential in any home improvement project. While doing so, restoration companies strive to safeguard most of your property as possible.

Restoration experts may also employ foam, abrasive, or immersion cleaning methods to ensure that each item is thoroughly cleaned and feasible. This could also include mold remediation if necessary.

Experts are equipped with special Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to clean potentially dangerous materials, such as N-96 respirators, protective gloves, and waterproof clothing.

At this restoration point, specialists remove any properties damaged taken out during the cleaning process.

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We hope you never need our Restoration Emergency Services in Macon GA. However, we're here to assist if you notice signs of water damage. We are always up for it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Benefits of Hiring SWR for

Water Damage Restoration Macon GA

Professionals with Accreditation

Our highly trained and certified mold and water damage experts respond swiftly to flooding in your home or business by removing excess water, reducing the damage’s extent.

Moisture Mapping

Our professionals in the field of water damage can find and track the cause of water damage like roof leaks, using specially made equipment to map areas of high humidity and pinpoint the source of the mold issue within walls.

Removal and Repairs

Our team not only removes the water but prevents the damage from returning and causing damage to your property. Southeast Water Restoration is a licensed contractor and restoration firm. We can be your primary source for any questions regarding water damage.

Drying and Dehumidifying

We use high-grade equipment to dry out damaged areas on site, using equipment that regulates humidity and temperatures to eliminate moisture from the affected areas and to prevent mold growth.

Mold Remediation and Removal

Our highly-trained mold remediation specialists will be on-site immediately to remove the mold from areas that have been affected by water. Don't hesitate to speak with our experts regarding the issue of damage caused by mold immediately.

Containment to Prevent Contamination

Experts from Southeast Water Restoration employ a way of containing the mold before any remediation process that may result in contamination in different parts of your property.

Family Owned & Operated Water Restoration Company

southeast water restoration

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee as we are an established and family-owned business. Our clients are pleased with our work and will never leave your home without a smile on their faces. Southeast Water Restoration stands out from other companies because we value the price, dependability, and quality you can expect!

We are pleased to be the top restoration firm for water damage restoration in Macon GA, striving always to exceed expectations. We provide eco-friendly items that are suitable for pets and children.

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