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Emergency Sewage Cleanup Roswell Services

There is a need for sewage cleaning, particularly when a sewer line becomes blocked. Sewer backup requires immediate sewage backup cleanup. The wastewater that is dark and dense could be hazardous to your wellbeing. 

The sewage is extremely filthy and contaminated with harmful substances like pathogens, viruses, and bacteria. These harmful microbes cause health problems and may cause a wide range of health issues if humans or animal species are in contact with them.

If there's an overflow of sewage in the close vicinity of your workplace or residence, or even a backup in your toilet, fixing one of them is important. The presence of wastewater that isn't sanitary in your home isn't secure and should be removed at the earliest possible time.

Sewage Cleanup Roswell

Southeast Water Restoration is available throughout the day to offer emergency cleaning services for sewage or water damage restoration to affected homes or businesses in Roswell GA. Our team of restoration experts who are IICRC accredited can complete the restoration of your home. With our help, the property will be restored to its original condition quickly and efficiently. In addition, understanding the cause of the back-ups in your sewer could aid in stopping this harmful issue.

The Following Actions are Part of the Sewage Cleanup Roswell Services We Offer:

Sewage Cleanup Roswell

Emergency Response is accessible 24/7

Our staff is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to help in the case of a sewage-related emergency at whatever time of the day.

Removal of Waste

We begin by performing an initial inspection to determine the extent of damage and the scope of the work. After inspecting the site, we remove any sewage-related contaminates and construction materials affected by a filthy environment and other biohazardous objects.

Sewage Cleanup Roswell
Sewage Cleanup Roswell


Once all hazards are gone within your residence, we clean the affected areas with strong cleaning products. They kill any pathogens or bacteria that remain.

Odor Removal

Our highly skilled technicians will eliminate any remaining stinks caused by the sewerage using the most modern technology.

Sewage Cleanup Roswell
Sewage Cleanup Roswell

Support with Your Insurance Claim

If you made insurance claims for this damage, we could help. Our team will aid your insurance company when submitting claims and make the process easier to handle and less stressful for you.

Emergency Sewage Cleanup Roswell GA

If you need urgent help with sewage backup cleaning for your residence in Roswell GA, call (404)-631-7022 to seek assistance from restoration companies like Southeast Water Restoration. We ensure that we do an excellent job by providing the proper cleanup and restoration you need. Call us immediately for a free estimate.

Causes of Sewage Backup

  • Blocked sewer line: Sewage seeps into your home or business whenever the sewer lines or drain pipes are blocked. If one toilet creates a sewage backup to which the drain is connected, multiple toilets in the main line could become clogged. In extreme cases, sewage removal is a must.
  • Tree roots that are impossibly imposing: Trees with solid and long roots may extend over and around pipes and even destroy sewer lines. The roots of trees can stretch for long away and cause damage to your pipes, creating an issue with sewers. Take note of root systems close to your main sewer lines or septic tank to minimize the risk of destruction.
  • Damaged and altered Sewer Lines: Sewer lines, pipes, drainage systems, and septic systems are likely to fail when they weaken and become less durable in time, causing flooding from sewage, homes that are flooded, and basements that are brimming with sewage water. Examine your house's health and the surrounding area, and search for any possible problems. Note that water mitigation is a must for these situations.
  • A lot of rain: The large amounts of rain could clog the main storm line and sewer mains. If you find that the sewers of your region aren't able to take on large quantities of rainfall as it is, the water could be able to pass into the lines which join to central lines and place your business or home at risk of backup of sewers.

There's a risk of health issues that can be severe in and around flood zones due to the flooding of rivers and streams or hurricanes. Other weather-related conditions can occur when water is in contact with sewers, contaminants, and chemicals. 

If you're wading in these waters, be careful and be aware when the water recedes before it dries. Organic materials that have dried out could then be blown away and pose a danger of inhaling the pollutants. Wear PPE to safeguard yourself against the risks.

Effects of Sewage Backup

Sewage Cleanup Roswell

The odor isn't just one; it can cause serious damage within a few days. The porous materials like wood and drywall retain excess moisture and moisture that will be affected through the process.

The health hazards posed by sewage shouldn't be ignored. Sewage is a danger to the health and safety of everyone working in your workplace or at home, as it is a vector for spreading bacteria and pathogens throughout the structure. If exposed to sewage, individuals could be affected by various ailments and diseases.

Sewage Cleanup Roswell GA

Southeast Water Restoration's knowledgeable technicians have provided sewer cleaning services in our ten years of experience. Over the years, our team has refined our damage cleanup procedures. It is efficient and effective to remove contaminants that can be attributed to sewage from your property, clean up any damaged porous material, and smooth surfaces that are clean and can be reused.

Our skilled staff has been well-trained to operate any machine. This includes professional cleaners that thoroughly clean the sewage and wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which gives you security while working.

If you notice the presence of sewage damage within your house, it is an issue that is difficult to fix. But Southeast Water Restoration can aid. Our team is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to assist with these kinds of emergencies and offer our restoration services like cleaning and restoration for your home or office, returning it to its original state.

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