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Water Damage in Savannah GA

Water damage can create many stressors, disrupt your home or business routine, or stop you from doing important things. Deciding which one to select can be difficult with all the restoration firms.

It is advised to select a person who is experienced in this particular area. Someone you can count on for complete restoration of Savannah GA flood damages and around Chatham County. Someone who can restore your property to its pre-loss condition within the shortest amount of time and with the funds you established.

With more than ten years of experience working with the top local experts, Southeast Water Restoration has created a unique method to provide water restoration services throughout Savannah Georgia.

Water Damage

Other restoration business owners provide restoration services for smoke and fire damage. However, Southeast Water Restoration specializes only in water related issues such as flood damage restoration or removal of mold, pumping septic tanks, and restoration of storm damage.

Fast & Reliable Water Restoration

Our Water Damage Restoration Savannah GA Process


Inspection and Assessment

Our restoration experts specializing in water damage will visit your property for an extensive examination. They’ll employ the most recent technology, such as humidity meters and hygrometers, as well as moisture detectors, to determine the number of repairs for damage caused by water. They’ll identify the damage’s precise extent and classify it.


Water Removal

The next step of the restoration process is to use water extraction to rid your house of the remaining water. The standing water can endanger the condition of your home or cause additional damages and must be removed in the shortest time possible. It is essential to eliminate the water in the middle of a basement that has been affected by flooding. Because stagnant water in the basement can cause severe mold development.



After the water is removed, restoration companies start drying the house. We offer equipment made of quality and air movers which remove the water-soaked items or materials that are hard to reach during extraction.

At this point, specialists track the moisture levels and air quality on the floors and walls of the affected regions to determine if they believe the house remains dry.


Cleaning and Sanitizing

A thorough, professional restoration process and water damage cleanup are vital for any home improvement project. Restoration firms work to ensure you are secured from your home to the maximum degree possible.

At this point, professionals remove any damaged items during the cleaning and restoration process.


Complete Restoration

After the water damage, the final stage of restoring your home is repairs. Restoration can bring your property back to how it was before the damage. Anything that is damaged for the long term or is removed from the property can be repaired or replaced. Restoration projects may be straightforward or more complicated based on damages.

Repairs for restoration could be as simple as. For instance, fixes to burst pipes, maintenance of carpets or drywall. In some other restoration work, the task can be more substantial and involves the total reconstruction of the entire construction within the house.

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The Benefits of Employing SWR for

Water Damage Restoration in Savannah GA

Restoration Experts with IICRC certifications

Our highly trained and IICRC certified mold and water experts respond swiftly to flooding on your residential or commercial property by removing excess water and reducing the amount of damage.

Moisture Mapping

Our experts have years of experience in water damage, and they can identify and track the cause of water related damage, for instance, leaks of water on the roof. They do this by using specially designed equipment to identify humid zones. They also determine the cause of the problem with mold on walls.

Repairs & Removal

Our team doesn’t just take away the water, but they also stop the damage from occurring again and causing damage to your property. Southeast Water Restoration is a licensed restoration contractor and contractor. We can be your first source for all questions regarding water damage.


We use high-quality machinery for drying areas damaged at the location. We use equipment that regulates the temperature and humidity to eliminate the affected surrounding areas of moisture and stop mold growth.

Mold Removal

Our highly-trained mold removal experts will be on the spot immediately to eradicate mold in the surrounding areas affected by floods. Do not hesitate to speak with our experts regarding the problem of mold damage.

Containment to Prevent Contamination

Experts from Southeast Water Restoration utilize a method to limit mold growth before any removal process. This can cause pollution in different areas of your home.

Family Owned & Operated Water Restoration Savannah GA Company

Southeast Water Restoration

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee since we are a long-standing, family owned business. Our clients are satisfied with our work and will not leave the house looking happy and content. Southeast Water Restoration emerges from other restoration companies since we pride ourselves on the reliability, price, and quality you can trust! We also can work with your insurance companies.

We are happy to be the top reliable restoration firm for water damage in Savannah Georgia, and always go way beyond what we expect. We use eco-friendly materials which are safe for pets and children. Call now!