Covid 19 Cleaning Services

Our Covid 19 Cleaning Services ensures that any establishment is safe from this disease.

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Covid 19 Cleaning Services in Atlanta

Call Southeast Water Restoration to keep your family safe with Covid-19 Cleaning in Atlanta

All airborne infections, including the Covid-19 Virus, are safely and successfully remedied by our staff. We disinfect with hospital-grade disinfectants that are guaranteed to destroy 99.9% of viruses and the majority of bacteria. To guarantee a clean and safe workplace, we use a disinfectant thermal fog and thoroughly sterilize all touchpoints. We are licensed and certified to apply microbial pesticides to help protect your family with Covid-19 cleaning in Atlanta.

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Professional Covid 19 Cleaning Services in Atlanta

We specialize in decontamination cleaning and offer a one-hour response time, seven days a week. All airborne viruses and dangerous germs, including the Covid-19 Virus, are safely and efficiently treated by our staff.

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Creating Healthy Environments with a Higher Clean Standard

As we fight COVID-19, it's critical that we have confidence in the cleanliness and safety of the space where we congregate. Southeast Water Restoration recognizes that we all have a different definition of cleanliness, which is why we created the Certified: Microbial treatment program. With Certified: Microbial treatment program, Southeast Water Restoration is dedicated to instilling confidence in communities across the country.

You can rely on us to deliver a higher standard of cleaning to your local companies because we have more than five years of experience in viral pathogen cleaning.

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The Certified: Microbial Treatment Program

When you see the Certified: Microbial Treatment Program shield on the entrance or inside a company in your neighborhood, you can be assured that the space has been cleaned to a higher standard, and you can feel safe entering. The "3 C's" are three processes to this complete deep COVID cleaning:

Step 01

We tailor a cleaning program to each company's specific requirements. A detailed plan is coordinated and priced out according to the companies needs.

Step 02

Our skilled personnel will clean a building depending on the specific demands of that business using EPA-approved hospital-grade cleaning chemicals. We sanitize all touchpoints and surrounding surfaces according to the CDC's cleaning and decontamination guidelines.

Step 03

Once we have finished the treatment, your home/business is treated to combat the Covid-19 virus and other bacteria that could harm your family or customers.

What types of properties can you clean?

Residential homes, small and large enterprises, schools and universities, commercial buildings, factories and plants, government facilities, and more can all benefit from Southeast Water Restorations' skilled cleaning services. COVID-19 was specifically addressed by our Certified: Microbial treatment program. We provide proactive cleaning services to help reduce transmission as well as cleaning services following a probable or proven exposure.

How do you keep your technicians safe?

When performing COVID-19 cleaning, our personnel are expertly fitted with their particular Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Southeast Water Restorations' technicians are certified by the CDC and other federal agencies to safely handle these contaminants.

Do I need to hire a professional for Covid-19 Cleaning

Through our Certified: Microbial treatment program, Southeast Water Restoration provides both proactive and defensive COVID-19 cleaning. Southeast Water Restorations' highly qualified and experienced personnel follow The Centers for Disease Control recommendations to clean and disinfect a range of surfaces using bio and microbiological remediation industry standards. Tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, phones, keyboards, workstations, toilets, faucets, and sinks will receive special attention. If you have a COVID-19 exposure at your home or office, call us at (404) 631-7022 and we can help you right away.