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Storm Damage Repair

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Emergency Storm Damage Repair Atlanta

If a storm of a catastrophic nature strikes, Southeast Water Restoration is prepared to go to action at any moment and are first to arrive on the scene. We focus on turning these stressful and overwhelming circumstances into an easy and comfortable experience for our customers. We assist them in restoring their homes and lives back to normal.

From water removal caused by water damage to structural drying, we're ready 24/7 to take care of every one of your restoration needs. We have a wide range of insurance firms, and our Southeast Water Restoration professionals will assist you throughout the process and help you prevent further damage. Make sure all claims are processed on time, with a quick settlement of your loss.

While the actual storm has passed within a matter of hours, the effects could persist for weeks or longer. There will be various issues, from mold growth due to water damage to fixing structural damage caused by high winds or heavy rain. That's where we come to the rescue! 

We provide eco-friendly, expert restoration services you can count on to help get your business or home back in order after the storm has gone away. We can handle all kinds of restoration you require, from water damage restoration to mold removal and much more.

We've had vast experience in every aspect of restoration, and we utilize the most up-to-date methods and tools to bring your property to like new. We'll begin by assessing the situation. This is essential in determining the next step that will differ based on the damage that has occurred to your property or business. Then, we'll be able to repair the damage and return the property to its original form. 

Our experience, coupled with the appropriate equipment and tools, enables us to offer efficient and cost-effective restoration solutions for your home. Our team is always ready to assist you with our repair services!

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What to Do if Your House Experienced Storm Damage?

First, examine and determine the condition of your house. Be on the lookout for any alerts issued by the state authorities to ensure your property is secure. Be cautious in your evaluation since there is the possibility of shattered glass or damaged structures that may cause injury to you.

Second, it is important to conduct the inspection during the daytime when there is sunlight because turning the power on when there's still water in the storm could cause a catastrophe. Be cautious when working with the fire, as there's a possibility of gas leaks due to damaged pipes.

Third, it is essential that you don't cause more damage, which is why you have to contact a restoration firm. Since you'll have to cover the cost of restoration, you'll also have to contact your insurance company. While you wait for professionals to take care of the damage, be safe and refrain from any actions that may cause the damage.

Types of Storm Damages We Repair

Storm Damage Repair Water

Water Damage

It is caused by heavy rain, snow or Ice, or floodwaters that cause large quantities of water to leak into homes and businesses.

Storm Damage Repair Winter

Winter Damage

Severe winter storms could cause water to seep into homes through structures that are not properly strengthened.

Storm Damage Repair Hailstorm

Hailstorm Damage

The damage caused by huge chunks of ice from extremely severe weather. The hailstorms can result in pipe damage which we repair.

Storm Damage Repair Emergency Hotline

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Our Storm Damage Repair Process

Emergency Services

We all know what kind of threat storms can pose and the damage they can cause. When you contact our company, your first priority is to limit your risk. If you've got fallen branches, tree branches that have broken, or other debris, we take it away. Next, we must remove any water that could cause damage and ensure that we do not allow mold to grow. We keep track of every part of storm damage repair to secure insurance. We then stabilize the surroundings with drying equipment.

Make A Claim

The insurance coverage for storms eliminates the stress of dealing with damage caused by storms. We can assist you with filling out your claim and schedule an on-site inspection of your home or property with an agent from an Insurance company. Our certified technicians assist in documenting the damage and restoration, so it's simpler to complete the insurance claims. We also work with various insurance companies to make processing claims much smoother.

Dry the Property

With our emergency assistance and the claim taken care of, now is the time to dry your home. The drying process depends on the wind and water damage severity. We employ industry-standard equipment to ensure that every piece is dry and that the structures aren't left with moisture that could create mold on your property. Based on the circumstances, the process can last from 2 days to one week.


After ensuring everything is clean, it's time to start rebuilding. Restoration companies specializing in storm damage are equipped to take care of all repairs, so you do not have to hire a contractor. From fixing a leaky ceiling to removing water, your home is back to the condition it was in a matter of minutes.

Why Choose Southeast Water Restoration for Storm Damage Repair

24/7 Emergency Response

You can reach us at any time and location where the storm strikes your area. We have experts on standby to offer the assistance you need in your time of need. We'll visit you to evaluate the damage. 

Our goal is to ensure you're secure from further harm by strengthening the weak structures and executing the cleanup process for storms, including removing standing water that can result in destruction and debris. We keep a record of everything we do for the insurance claim later.

10+ Years Repair Experience

We've been in business for over a decade, which means that we've seen everything. Along with having a skilled team, our expertise throughout the years places us in a superior position to deal with small and large, easy and complicated storm damage issues. Similar to how you select knowledgeable experts in other aspects that you face, you should choose an expert in storm damage restoration with proven expertise.

We have carried out services that meet the specific needs of our clients.

Certified Licensed Technicians

Southeast Water Restoration contracts technicians certified by the IICRC, and you, are assured that they can carry out the restoration in compliance with safety guidelines. They know all the procedures needed to restore your house after a storm.

We also are family-owned with years of expertise in handling emergency situations so you won't have to wait for a long period of time to restore your property. We know how dreadful it is to not know what to do, that's why we have certified technicians to guide you through any storm damage repairs.

Direct Insurance Billing

The last thing you'd like to do after experiencing a storm or wind-related damage is to contact your insurance. We are aware that you're overwhelmed, which is why we handle the insurance bill for you. 

Additionally, you don't need to consider the choice of insurer since we deal with multiple insurance companies. All you have to do is submit the claim, and we'll organize an onsite meeting with the insurance company. We will also present the documentation and then bill an insurance provider directly.

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